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Kent Ducoté

Owner & Founder

Kent Ducoté, owner and founder of KDL Builders, is a licensed general contractor, as well as a developer, spec builder, and skilled carpenter. For over thirty years, Kent has been building quality custom homes, remodels, additions, and commercial projects. He has served as a foreman, project manager, and superintendent for multimillion dollar projects and has managed over a hundred carpenters. In addition to general contracting, KDL now also offers design services. 


Kent has built and developed a variety of commercial and residential projects of all sizes and styles all over Washington, Texas, and California. Numerous repeat clients have experienced KDL Builder’s attention to detail and fine craftsmanship. Whether building multiple houses, guest houses, or additions, clients appreciate continued personal attention and follow through over many years.


Always seeking to grow both personally and professionally, Kent is currently enrolled in the UC Berkeley Construction Management Program part time. He is also an avid outdoorsman, a skilled gardener, a world traveler, and most importantly, a proud father and grandfather.

Photos & bios of KDL crew coming soon!

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